People-Works: The Labor of Transport, An Introduction

Editor’s Introduction What would the history of transportation look like if the stories were about people rather than machines? About the constant presence of human power instead of the rise, expansion, and decline of transportation networks? The exhibits that follow tell the histories of the people without whom transportation systems would not function. From brick […]

Call for paper T2M Conference 2019 Mobilities and Materialities: Building Bridges Between Past and Future

Call for Paper International Conference of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M) Paris 2019 Mobilities and Materialities: Building Bridges Between Past and Future Paris, 16th-19th October, 2019 Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris Sorbonne, Mondial.Tech Deadline for proposals for papers and sessions: March 2019, 1st   Mobility clearly has a strong material dimension. In these times of […]

Hand-Made Streets: The Role of Labor in Making, Installing and Maintaining Street Pavement Prior to the Dominance of Asphalt

Robin B. Williams, Savannah College of Art and Design Table of Contents Street Pavements before Asphalt The Labor of Street Paving Cleaning Streets Heritage Work Notes Introduction The paving of streets with macadam, blocks or bricks represented a vital development in the modernization of cities beginning in the nineteenth century. It also represented the product […]

The Labor of Transport of the “Messengers of the Nations” of the University of Paris in the Fifteenth Century

Martina Hacke, University of Düsseldorf Table of Contents Introduction The labor of transport of the messengers of the nations in the sources The messengers and their labor of transport The hazards of the labor of transport Payment for transport services through privileges Attempts to reduce the number of messengers The founding of the fraternity of […]

Maintaining Safety Through Regulatory Enforcement

Lee Vinsel, Virginia Tech Table of Contents Introduction How Can Danger Go Unnoticed? Crash Tests as Necessary Work Instrumenting a Car for Crashing How to Standardize a Wall Fiat’s Non-Conforming Testing Grounds Keeping Dangerous Technologies Off the Road Notes Introduction Figure 1. A Parking Lot Full of Cars That Were Traded in Because They Contained Defective […]

African Automobility: Mammy Trucks In Twentieth-Century Ghana

Jennifer Hart, Wayne State University Table of Contents Body work Mammy trucks Training drivers Testing officers Local transport cultures “Modern men” Trotro – a “proper” car Urbanization and technological change New models, old business Economic crisis and creativity Conclusion References Introduction This exhibit uses a technological object – the “mammy truck” – as a framework […]

Weather Workers: The Unseen Scientific Labor Behind Air Transport

Roger Turner, Science History Institute Table of Contents Knowing Weather Theorizing a Three-Dimensional Atmosphere A Model Airline Weather Service The Weather Man at Washington Meteorological “Labor?” Pilots Observe the Upper Air The Labor behind Instruments Airline Meteorologists at Work Aviation Meteorologists during World War II Advertising Airline Meteorology Aviation Shapes the TV Weather Report Jet […]

Restricted Cargo: Chinese Sailors, Shore Leave, And The Evolution Of U.S. Immigration Policies, 1882-1942

Andrew Urban, Rutgers University Table of Contents Immigrant or Sailor? Assigning Legal Status in the Era of Exclusion Asian Labor and Global Shipping During the Long Nineteenth Century Wages, Nativism, and Chinese Seamen Regulating and Policing Sailors’ Shore Leave Intermediaries: Brokers, Bondsmen, and Other Service Providers Anti-Chinese Activism in San Francisco and Great Britain: Shared […]

People-Works: Media Metadata Inventories

Below you will find all of the Media Metadata Inventories for each of the articles organized by the last name of the author. These files are essential to showing the rights permissions and sources of each of the pieces of media displayed in this online exhibit. The inventories are saved as spreadsheets and provide a […]

People-Works: Citing this Exhibit & Notes about Licensing & Images

Citing this exhibit McDonald, Kate, ed. People-Works: The Labor of Transport. 2018. Accessed [MONTH] [DATE], [YEAR]. Citing an exhibit module Hart, Jennifer. “African Automobility: Mammy Trucks in Twentieth-Century Ghana.” In People-Works: The Labor of Transport, ed. Kate McDonald. 2018.  Accessed [MONTH] [DATE], [YEAR]. Citing a specific page Williams, Robin. “Street Pavements Before Asphalt.” […]

New book for the study of mobilities in Latin America

Dhan Zunino Singh, Guillermo Giucci y Paola Jirón (eds.), Términos clave para los estudios de la movilidad en América Latina [Keywords for the study of mobilities in Latin America] (Buenos Aires, Biblos, 2018) Prologue by Noel Salazar. If ‘all that is solid melts into air’, it is in large part because movement has become the […]

Roads and Travel in Tanzania: A Reflection on History & Current Trends

By Katie V. Streit Katie Valliere Streit is an independent scholar based in Dayton, Ohio.  Streit obtained a PhD in History from the University of Houston. Her research focuses on the history of automobility and state development in southern Tanzania during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.   Historians spend countless hours in libraries and archives with backs […]

T2M Montréal 2018 Conference – Call for Papers

Hubs are collective meeting points, but they also evoke a specific socio-material nexus of flows throughout history: from Neanderthals to medieval markets, from spice routes to Indigenous gatherings, hubs have provided a common place for people to meet, exchange and continue their journey. Hubs control and direct the flows of people, goods, currencies and so […]

The “Dolmus” And “Minibus” Of Istanbul: Two Different Shared Vehicles And Cultures Of Urban Transportation, Part 2

By Dr. Basak Tanulku Basak Tanulku is an independent researcher, based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Tanulku obtained a PhD degree in Sociology from Lancaster University in the UK for the research project: “An Exploration of Two Gated Communities in Istanbul, Turkey” (2010). Her main work focuses on socio-spatial fragmentation, gated communities; space and identity; urban vacant lands […]