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About Us

Mobility in History Blog is an online publication of the T2M association. It showcases the work of mobilities scholars and supports the academic debate around the study of mobility and transport topics. The blog also seeks to promote our field of study to a broader audience online, democratizing access to scholarly content, and increasing the diversity of voices on the topic of mobility. We invite submissions from members of T2M as well as other scholars and individuals interested in historical mobility studies and what it means for understanding our world, today. The blog is updated every second and fourth Monday of the month with new content. Search for #MobilityMonday on Twitter and Facebook to find out about new posts. To submit, or for other inquiries, write the editors.

Editor-in-Chief: Michael K. Bess, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

Book Reviews Editor: Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, Goldsmiths, University of London

Associate Editor: Angélica Agredo Monealegre, King's College London

Online Exhibit Guest Editor: Kate McDonald, University of California, Santa Barbara

Call for papers for 18th Annual T²M Conference

T²M calls for papers to be presented at its 18th annual conference in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, on 21 – 24 October 2020.