Figure 5 Family Portait Chapel Cross. Nuclear Family Tour 2015


Figure 4 Nuclearity, Dungeness Boundary Marker. Nuclear Family Tour 2015

New book for the study of mobilities in Latin America

Dhan Zunino Singh, Guillermo Giucci y Paola Jirón (eds.), Términos clave para los estudios de la movilidad en América Latina [Keywords for the study of mobilities in Latin America] (Buenos Aires, Biblos, 2018) Prologue by Noel Salazar. If all that is solid melts into air, it is in large part because movement has become the […]

Roads and Travel in Tanzania: A Reflection on History & Current Trends

By Katie V. Streit Katie Valliere Streit is an independent scholar based in Dayton, Ohio.  Streit obtained a PhD in History from the University of Houston. Her research focuses on the history of automobility and state development in southern Tanzania during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.   Historians spend countless hours in libraries and archives with backs […]

T2M Montréal 2018 Conference – Call for Papers

Hubs are collective meeting points, but they also evoke a specific sociomaterial nexus of flows throughout history: from Neanderthals to medieval markets, from spice routes to Indigenous gatherings, hubs have provided a common place for people to meet, exchange and continue their journey. Hubs control and direct the flows of people, goods, currencies and so […]

Book Review: Contemporary Asylum Narratives

Contemporary Asylum Narratives: Representing Refugees in the TwentyFirst Century, Woolley, Agnes, New York (USA), Palgrave Macmillan (First Published 2014) pp 239 ISBN: 9781137299055 (Hardback) Price: US$100 Contemporary Asylum Narratives announces its objective upfront; it seeks to enquire into the communicability of the asylum experience in narrative fiction, films, and theater (2).  However, this volume is […]