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CfP Symposium: Knowledge production in public transport: Normativities, Actors, outcomes

Tbilisi, Georgia, 18 – 21 March 2023 The Leibniz research group “CoMoDe – Contentious Mobilities: Rethinking Mobility Transitions through a Decolonial Lens” at IfL, Leipzig welcomes participants irrespective of disciplines and affiliations - scholars, practitioners, transport activists, enthusiasts or artists - to this interdisciplinary symposium. Deadline 31. January, 2023 This symposium is dedicated to understanding knowledge production in public […]

Symposium: Mobility Culture: Subjects and practices in-motion

Mar del Plata, Argentina - 6 March 2023 In-person and via YouTube The symposium will present results of the research carried out by the project PICT 2017-1880 Passengers, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The production of subjects and practices of mobility in Argentina since the 20th Century. The research project sought to know and explore the […]